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Professional Cultural Resource Management Services
Comfortable HPA Conference Room Historic Preservation Associates, LLC (HPA) is a fully integrated team of professional archeologists, historians, architectural historians, and anthropologists dedicated to the study of cultural resources throughout the mid-west, southeast, plains and adjacent areas. HPA was established in 1979 and since that time has completed over 580 survey, assessment and mitigation projects for state, municipal, federal, and private clients in Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Iowa, and Louisiana. HPA teams have surveyed more than 560,000 acres in all configurations and have documented or otherwise investigated more than 11,000 prehistoric and historic archeological sites, architectural resources, and National Register properties. HPA provides services that are oriented toward professionalism while at the same time being an asset to project teams and clients.
Professional CRM Services Professional CRM Services HPA is fully staffed with professionals who meet or exceed Secretary of the Interior Professional Qualifications Standards set forth in 36CFR61 et seq. Full services include Section 106 SHPO compliance and Indian Tribe consultation, Section 404 and 110 COE permitting, Section 4(f) FHWA, and NEPA documentation.

Historic Properties and Cultural Resources Management
Environmental Impact Assessments

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